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  • Community Events

    Meet at Leschi Starbucks for a moderate paced ride, ~30 miles. Home for lunch.

    Cascade Free Group Rides

    Fixies and single speeds welcome. Always some hills. Urban exploration of Seattle by bike. See Cascade posting for RWGPS route (1-2 days prior) and to register. Please, no calls after 8AM day of ride.

    Active Dads Drop-In

    Active Dads Network

    It's high time that there's a weekly get-together that dads and their families can count on! Join us every Thursday in West Seattle at the High Point Family Center for an opportunity to let the kiddos and dads get out of the house and socialize!...

    BNI Seattle Professionals Weekly Meeting

    BNI Northwest - Seattle Professionals

    Imagine being a part of an exclusive group made up of business owners from every type of industry who are committed to casting their net in their personal and professional spheres in attempt to grow your business and make you money! BNI is a...

    Ski: Mt St Helens

    Seattle Outdoor Adventurer's Meetup (S.O.A)

    If weather, snow, and/or visibility are not near perfect, this trip will be rescheduled. Who: Backcountry skiers/snowboarders who: (1) are in excellent cardio condition and (2) have completed at least 2 prior backcountry ski tours (using...

  • Recent Posts

    Tax Ramifications when selling your primary residence

    We used to get this question a lot….back in the mid-00’s, when people still had big capital gains built up in their homes.  With the recent comeback in prices in Seattle, it’s getting asked again:  “WHAT TAXES DO I OWE WHEN I SELL MY HOME?” The longer answer is here, but the short answer is […]

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