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  • Community Events

    Walk and Brunch
    5-24-15 11:00 am - Fremont Abbey
    Seattle Midlife Reflection for Women

    Let's walk to brunch at Restaurant Roux in Fremont. If you don't want to walk, just meet us there (the walk includes a couple of steep hills, and one very steep hill but no stairs). The walk will take about 45 minutes each way. If you're going to...

    Bouldering SBP Meetup
    5-24-15 11:00 am - Fremont Abbey
    Seattle Bouldering Meetup

    Meet at the Seattle Bouldering Project  at 10:30 am on Sunday. If you don't have a SBP membership you will need to get a day pass for $16.  Come to learn, teach or just show off. We will start in the lower room under the stairs for warm up from...

    Every 2nd and 4th Dominoes and such
    5-24-15 11:00 am - Fremont Abbey
    Seattle Browncoats

    Join us for Dominoes (or other games depending on the mood), chatting, drinking (non- alcoholic) and general silliness. We play until whenever, feel free to come early or late, punctuality isn't important. Don't know how to play? We will teach...

    May Sunday Assembly
    5-24-15 11:00 am - Fremont Abbey
    Sunday Assembly Seattle

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    Tax Ramifications when selling your primary residence

    We used to get this question a lot….back in the mid-00’s, when people still had big capital gains built up in their homes.  With the recent comeback in prices in Seattle, it’s getting asked again:  “WHAT TAXES DO I OWE WHEN I SELL MY HOME?” The longer answer is here, but the short answer is […]

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