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  • Community Events

    Good Old Fashioned Bootcamp
    1-22-18 11:00 am - University Zoka
    Sweaty Betties

    Meet for some early morning cardio and strength conditioning.   We will be mixing it up: something different every week: from basic bootcamp stuff on the field, circuits with weights, stretchy bands and other equipment, working the stairs at...

    Monday Morning Getting on Track!
    1-22-18 11:00 am - University Zoka
    Seattle Green Lake Running Group

    Welcome to the Monday morning track! Join us every week for a group workout, which includes a warm up that begins at 5:30am, a set workout (which can easily be modified depending on need) and cool down period at the end. Various groups are...

    Shut Up & Write! Magnolia
    1-22-18 11:00 am - University Zoka
    Shut Up & Write! Seattle

    Join us for an hour of writing! We’ve discovered that it’s strikingly helpful to write with other writers. See if it’s true for you at 9 AM on Monday mornings. Be it a book, blog, script, essay, dissertation, resume, melody, poem or just...

    Coffee Talk and more.
    1-22-18 11:00 am - University Zoka
    Northwest LMT Support Group

    • What we'll doGetting together regularly and building a support team of your peers can help you in your career, no matter what stage you are in. Join us for coffee/tea and great conversations. • What to bring • Important to know

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    Tax Ramifications when selling your primary residence

    We used to get this question a lot….back in the mid-00’s, when people still had big capital gains built up in their homes.  With the recent comeback in prices in Seattle, it’s getting asked again:  “WHAT TAXES DO I OWE WHEN I SELL MY HOME?” The longer answer is here, but the short answer is […]

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