• Community Events

    Green Lake Stadium Bootcamp

    Sweaty Betties

    Meet for some early morning cardio and strength conditioning at the Green Lake Stadium/Small Craft Center.  We will be working the stairs while mixing in strength and conditioning intervals using weights and a yoga ball.   What to bring:...

    Monday Morning Getting on Track- Hill Yeah!

    Seattle Green Lake Running Group

    Welcome to the Monday morning track!  Join us every week for a group workout, which includes at warm that begins at 5:30am, a set workout (which can easily be modified depending on need) and followed by some core stabilization exercises after!...

    Plant Your Cash Flow Seeds, Monday Class (six months)

    Results Networking; Where Dreams Become Actions

    Note: Please read the whole description and requirements for this meeting. The Plant Your Cash Flow Seeds, is the heart of the Results Networking Education Division. This is where the transformation platform truly begins for both members and...

    Seattle Writers Group - Daylight Hours MONDAY

    Seattle Writers Group - Daylight Hours

    Want a chance to write during the day? Join us @ 11 a.m. Mondays in Belltown at Street Bean Espresso!(2711 3rd Ave. -- near Cedar) We'll write for 45 min. and then have 40 min. or so to share our projects or just chat. Please RSVP,...

  • Recent Posts

    Tax Ramifications when selling your primary residence

    We used to get this question a lot….back in the mid-00’s, when people still had big capital gains built up in their homes.  With the recent comeback in prices in Seattle, it’s getting asked again:  “WHAT TAXES DO I OWE WHEN I SELL MY HOME?” The longer answer is here, but the short answer is […]

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