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    Let's have coffee

    #Resist: Seattle

    Hi everyone! This has been amazing to see the support and fire of what we can all do once motivated to act and how to act.One of the issues or common concerns I've been encountering is that people feel all this desire to do something but where do...

    XC Ski: Amabilis Mtn

    Seattle Outdoor Adventurer's Meetup (S.O.A)

    View from Amabilis Mountain route Route description: start at Cabin Creek Sno-Park at I-90 exit 63.  Ascend a logging road which has only a few semi-steep sections.  Route ends at broad summit of Amabilis Mountain.  We will ascend and...

    Make a new Discovery with RS4L!

    Run Seattle For Life Meetup

    Someone mentioned today that we hadn't run in Discovery Park for some time. I agree, so let's meet up at the Visitor's Center parking lot.  I now have a suggested plan for our route on Sunday.  Sorry for taking so long.  And, if we execute...

    Sun. 2/19, 9:00am, join John for a brisk 6.6mi walk, start Genesee Park

    Feet First Walks

    Join me for a brisk 6.6 mile walk which includes Seward Park and Columbia City.  Lots of Metro buses service this start point or nearby.  http://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov/  Download this map of the walk: ...

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    Tax Ramifications when selling your primary residence

    We used to get this question a lot….back in the mid-00’s, when people still had big capital gains built up in their homes.  With the recent comeback in prices in Seattle, it’s getting asked again:  “WHAT TAXES DO I OWE WHEN I SELL MY HOME?” The longer answer is here, but the short answer is […]

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